I have been developing a game for Phaze101's Retro Programmers Inside Group (RPI) Game Jam : https://itch.io/jam/retrotrex

This is my first "Real" Game based on the Chrome Easter Egg Game T-Rex Runner.

Lots of peeps contributed to this game :)

Its themed around my two Dogs "Nico" and "Aston", Nico was not well at the time this Game Jam was running, and my viewers and I did not want to replicate the game, we wanted to use the essence of the game and create a new game, so its about Nico trying to run away from his brother Aston, as Aston would not leave him alone while he was unwell.

in difficulty selector, use "." and "," to select difficulty, then press return.

You have to jump over all the obstacles and avoid the UFO ;)

Cookies = Health, Bones = Ability to fly when jumping, and the Shield give u invincibility, so you can run straight thru the obstacles.

Have Fun :)


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Nice little game thanks! I agree with the other people. We'd love to have an actual .prg or .dsk file to play on the C64...


I agree with both of the previous commentors, great fun! Would it be possible for you to give us a .prg file for the real C64, or even better, a disk version with a highscore saver? So we could compete against friends when gathering for some retro fun.

Nice little game!


Nice little game featuring two little dogs. Really cheerful music, and fun sound effects. Very nice graphics. Would be fun to be able to download the game and play it on a C64  :)

Very nice game with a very lovable main character and his brother :-). The game gets more and more difficult (and you get addicted) the longer you play. You should start with medium difficulty. "Evil" difficulty is really evil... :D